The Spanish Water Dogs is not a new breed, it is a breed that always was in the south of the Iberian Peninsula as a herding dogs (written fact in 1.110) and later in the north and south coast of Spain as an assistant in sailors works.



This is the truth about the breed origin

A very old and rustic breed till here as it was long time ago because of its never tired working conditions for the man.

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The official and recent history of the breed is begun  and recovered from its unknown by “Antonio García Pérez” who is considered as the father of the breed”. This man, grandson of shepherds and ecologist was the author of the breed Standard and who has shown the breed all over Spain first and all over the world later in last 25 years as it is shown in many European videos and special publishing in the organized dogs world.

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Without “Antonio García Pérez”, the Spanish Water Dog could be still with farmers; but it would not be known in the official dogs world.

More that a 95% of all the Dogs with pedigree have roots and genetic of his dogs, the ones with the kennel name “DE UBRIQUE”.

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Right now he is the president of the breed official club: “La Asociación Española del Perro de Agua Españo”. He is a specialist judge of some Spanish breeds, and somebody who loves recupering everything that is genuine Spanish. We dedicated his own page to him that family and friend have created for him, because he always says: “His free-time is to play with his dogs”.